About HR-rewired

We help clients assess the impact of a changing economic environment and work out what it means for their people strategy.

When leading a growing and profitable business, it’s easy to maintain a thriving culture. Talent is attracted to your business, employees are motivated to deliver and customers are willingly buying your product or service. In a downturn, it’s much more of a challenge.

In order to make the sometimes tough, yet necessary decisions, you need to have a robust action plan and these are the challenges we help our clients with:

1 – How can you maintain your culture when your employees are worried, stressed and working remotely?

2 – How can you restore effective communications and collaborations between teams that may have lost key members or managers?

3 – How do you ensure your people, teams and managers, are resilient so they are able to do more with less resources?

4 – Other than managing the day-to-day operational aspects of your people operations, who do you have strategically supporting you to adapt to changing circumstances and aligning your people around a new vision?

HR rewired is led by Shereen Daniels, Managing Director

From working with ex-military, ex-police, crime scene investigators, Metropolitan Police Special Branch Detectives, to books, mobile phones, fashion, food and coffee, Shereen has worked for some well-known brands such as Orion Publishing Group, Carphone Warehouse, Gala Coral, Hobbs, Greene King and Caffe Nero spanning a HR leadership career of over 17 years.

Shereen has a BA (Hons) in Business with Psychology, an MSc in International HR and certified certificate in Finance for Non Financial Directors, she is also a member of the Data Institute and a community member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Artificial Intelligence. She is also on the Board of Trustees for Endeavour-mat (a group of selective and non selective schools) and a member of the Kent and Medway Economic Partnership Board.

Shereen has also undertaken a MP Leadership Programme within the House of Commons in 2019, partly to demonstrate there are ways we can impact the world irrespective of what we’ve done before and outside the professions we are known for.

Often called upon to be a keynote speaker and panelist, Shereen is a vocal advocate for purposeful leadership, inclusion and technology.

From chairing Chief Information Officer networks, to speaking on encouraging businesses to build capability and skills to exploit advances in tech. Her mission is twofold; democratise access to technology so that no one is left behind and encourage leaders to engineer better performance and more engaged teams, using data rather than gut and anecdotal evidence to make decisions.

A mum of two, Shereen can now be found in her office/gym, trying to stay active and sane during the lockdown.

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