Hi, I’m Shereen ‘The HR Conversationalist’ 

And on the 31st May 2020, I found my voice.


After 17-years I broke my silence about what life was like as a black woman in the world of work, right here in the UK.

I suspended all my usual HR consultancy activity so I could focus #ShowUsBlackLivesMatter and since then have recorded daily videos on YouTube, sharing my raw and honest views on what needs to change.

This is my focus for the time-being.

And these are the two video’s which led me here today.

Watching them will give you an insight into who I am, what I care about and why I’m so unflinchingly honest and determined to inspire others to speak out to make positive change.



To give you honest advice on how to create a culture within your business, which is inclusive and allows the voices of minorities/under-represented groups to be heard. 

Only applicable for those who want to commit to at least 12 months retained support. 

I am only about meaningful change, not quick fixes.


And I’ll inspire your audience as a virtual speaker or panellist, sharing relatable stories and insights which provoke thought and action


My videos on HR rewired TV where I give you an unfiltered, non-corporate perspective of what you need to do differently to address systemic inequalities within your business which stops black talent joining and progressing within your business.

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