Building a business beyond profit

How are you evolving your business?


Lead your teams with who you are, grow your business with why you care and demonstrate that your business is driven by much more than making a profit.

Everyone is talking about purpose-driven businesses.  It’s not a new movement and has been gathering pace amid the increase in sustainability and the expectation that businesses need to do more to have a positive impact on the environment and its inhabitants.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)


The ESG criteria is a way for socially conscious investors, initially, to screen the companies they want to invest in and consists of:

🌍 Environmental – how do you measure the environmental impact of conducting business?  What steps do you take to mitigate that impact?

🏢 Social – how do you manage the relationship with your employees, stakeholders, customers and the communities your business operates within?  This is why we talk about protecting your people. It’s a deliberate distinction between seeing people as assets to be sweated and human beings with lives, responsibilities and ambitions that exceed their job title and what you employ them to do.

⚖️ Governance – How do you lead?  How do you decide how your people are rewarded, what is the criteria used for your executive pay?  What audits do you carry out to make sure your business is running effectively and for the immediate and the longer term benefit of your customers, employees and shareholders?  

The focus on ESG can help you understand the positive impact you can have and manage the risks, proactively.  And like anything in life, it’s better if you adopt these principles through choice because it’s the right thing to do and it correlates with your personal values.

UN Sustainable Goals


The United Nations created a set of 17 interconnected goals that would lead to people having a better future and increasing their quality of life by 20230.

When you’re evolving who you stand for as a leader and the impact you want your business to make, the UN Sustainable goals is a good start to building a stronger link with business and purpose.

Dear World Leaders,

This is an emergency.

We are activists for different causes from across the world, writing as one for the first time to demand your immediate action in this critical year.

5 years ago, at the United Nations, 193 countries committed to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

A historic plan to end extreme poverty, conquer inequality and fix the climate crisis.

Look at our world now.

Our climate is heating up.

Natural disasters are increasing.

Millions flee their homes.

Children suffer without vital food and healthcare.

Activists are murdered for their views.

Girls and women are refused an education and subjected to discrimination and violence.

But we still dare to hope that in 2020 you will act decisively and courageously and kickstart a Decade of Action.

We need you to act faster.

To find the finance. To track implementation. To unlock radical solutions.

We are watching you. And we will fight every day, for people, for planet.

There are not just a few of us – there are millions with one voice and one question.

How will you keep your promise and deliver dramatic progress towards the Global Goals this year?

We await your urgent reply.

Source: United Nations

Less art, more science

Oh, before I forget...

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