HR rewired Summer/Autumn Internship - deadline to apply








Is this you? 

⚖️ Do you care about improving the experiences of Black people in the workplace and in business?

🥇 Are you proud of how you use your own social media channel(s)?  

💻 Are you comfortable adapting content to suit Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn?

🧏🏿 Would you be willing to help me research ways to make my content more accessible and inclusive?

🇬🇧 Do you have the legal right to work here in the UK? (The boring question)

⌛ You can be based anywhere in the UK, but can you support with 5 hours a week as an intern, working whenever and however suits you?

💷 I can’t pay rock star rates but are you happy to throw your hat in the ring knowing the rate of pay is £11 per hour AND I can mentor you too?  I can pay you weekly or monthly, you tell me what’s better for you.

🎞️And lastly, have you checked out some of my videos on YouTube to get an understanding of why I do what I do and to get a sense of who I am?


This would be the ‘process’

– Deadline closes Monday 3rd August @ 5pm

– Shortlisted freelancers will be contacted by Wednesday 5th August and will be asked to complete a behavioural profile assessment (it takes 15 mins max, and you get your reports, plus a feedback session with me as part of the process irrespective of whether you get the gig or not).

Why the assessment?  It helps me identity what motivates you and how I can best create the right environment for you to be at your absolute best.

– Gig conversation with me will take place on Friday 7th August (one hour max including going through your profile feedback)

– If you are successful, you will be informed on Monday 10th August

AND… before you accept the internship, I will connect you someone who used to work for me a few years ago so you can sense check what I am like to work with and for – basically, it’s reverse referencing!

I’m sorry the deadline has passed now 🙁

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