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There comes a point when you become too big to manage the HR operations yourself

When we talk to CEOs and Founders about HR within their business, they usually fall into two camps:

🛠️ “I’m good with HR actually” aka The DIY Masters

  • “We’ve been doing it ourselves and it’s going okay”
  • “Somehow I managed to find great people through a friend of a friend.  I barely went through a process. They rocked up for a chat, we got on so I hired them!”
  • “When it got too much, I made Jenny the HR Manager.  Although she used to be our receptionist, she’s really good with people and so we thought it would make sense.”

The ones who say this typically feel that don’t need any additional HR support because they are happy either doing it themselves and/or handing over to a junior member of the team to oversee.


🎖️ The ‘Been There, Done That, Tried It and Hated It’ aka The Veterans

The Veterans have or are thinking about hiring a HR advisor or manager to only on HR.  Helping to make sure you hire and develop the right people and manage the HR operations that go alongside it.

Yet if you don’t have the level of HR expertise, it’s difficult to decide what you need and if you have a more junior HR person in role, when things get sticky they need more senior support.

We provide a half-way house between having strategic HR level support and the current HR structure you have in place.  You can utlise our service for as little as one day a month (from £1,250 per day) to a few days a month if you need a little more ongoing support.

We only get involved in our favourite bits of HR, which include:

🧲 MANAGING RECRUITMENT: Scoping out the roles you need, the type of person who would best suit the role and help create and manage a fair and engaging recruitment process.

🛠  FIXING PEOPLE CHALLENGES: Diagnosing root causes of any people challenges (if you have any) which also includes producing a recommendations report and an in person or virtual briefing to you and your senior management team.

📊 IMPROVING ENGAGEMENT: Building a bespoke engagement plan that’s personalised to your employees and helps them feel motivated to deliver and go the extra mile.

📞 MENTORING/COACHING: Providing 1-to-1 support for senior leaders or aspiring HR Managers/Heads of HR within your business.

So before you promote the Receptionist/Office Manager to the Head of People or make your Recruitment Manager your HR Director (it happens), come and have a chat with us first.   We can help you explore options before you commit to something that’s difficult to renege on.

People fix technology and processes; they can’t fix themselves.  And unless your company is led by people who embrace innovation and change, you will become a legacy company, not an innovative one. 

Hillenbrand, 2019

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