Increase sales for your HR product or service

for Founders & CEOs


Learn a different way to market your brand to HR decision-makers

Discover techniques that work, barriers you will encounter and an insider’s view on the tactics you can use to win your over your HR client, within the first 10 minutes. 

Be it our online course or 2 day B-Cred Proposition Bootcamp, we’ll teach you build rapport quickly, market you and your brand, without the sales pitch and ultimately help you secure more sales.

Does this sound familiar?

The first meeting seems to go well. 

The HR Director asks questions and nods their head vigorously when you list the products, features and benefits of your platform.  They promise to be in touch and politely ask you to send more information as a follow-up with a “I’ll get back to you” as their parting promise.

You send more information.

And then nothing.

Here’s why most of your approaches may not be delivering the result you want 

  • Very limited reflection on your personal purpose.  What you care about and how that influences the impact you want to make on the world.  
  • Not enough thought and preparation in crafting the ‘why’ of your product or service and linking it back to your personal purpose.
  • Too much focus on the bells and whistles of your product or service.
  • Producing content that looks great but sells rather than educates.
  • Following everyone else in look, feel and presentation which makes it difficult to standout from your competitors.


Our bootcamps teach you the best approaches, so win clients without it feeling forced or ‘salesy’

The “secret sauce” to building immediate rapport with your clients – and therefore increasing the odds of them buying from you – is about updating your narrative about who you are and why you care. It’s also about knowledge.  You need to have more than a surface amount of knowledge about the world of HR. Understand their specific challenges, the key metrics that matter and connect the dots between what you do and what they need. 

Sometimes it’s the objective view of an outsider that will give you the insights you need to readjust your approach and sometimes, your go-to-market strategy, so conversations flow into initial meetings, then follow-up meetings finally, the sale.

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