B-cred Proposition Bootcamp

for Founders of HR product or service companies


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👋🏿 Is this you? 

  • Already validated your product or service.  Meaning clients have expressed an interest and they have bought from you, at least once but ideally a few times.
  • Established a market in another country, but you’re new to the UK and want to understand what’s different and what that means for your go-to-market strategy
  • Some HR expertise in your team but you want to make sure you have as much intel as possible before meeting any HR prospective clients
  • Some concerns about the way you’ve packaged your product or service, but you don’t have enough information to help you work out what needs to change.
  • Limited access to a HR network so struggling to generate leads.

Overview of B-cred Proposition Bootcamp

This is what we work through with you (in 2 days) 

  1. Understanding your personal mission
  2. Your business why
  3. Understanding your HR audience
  4. Data, data, data
  5. Understand your ideal/target customer
  6. Objectively review your sales cycle
  7. Outlining the risks involved for the client in buying from you
  8. Example objections and stalling tactics

Looking for a more detailed run down? Click here to download the PDF for the B-cred  Proposition Bootcamp by HR rewired.

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