Shereen, our Managing Director, is regularly asked to speak

in front of business leaders and HR audiences and would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you as a featured speaker or panellist member for your event, team or workshop.

As an experienced senior HR professional, she has presented at many conferences on a range of subjects from leadership, purpose, inclusion to digital skills, technology and the future of work. Shereen balances  personal experience and light-hearted humour to provoke thought and encourage debate.


Example keynotes/panel topics

– From Brexit to Worldwide Economic and Political Uncertainty.

– Diversity & Inclusion Fatigue: Have we reached a brick wall?

– Engaging Employees/Optimising Performance. Reach & engage employees across different sites, generations, geographies & skill sets with tailored, multi-channel communications.

– Purposeful Leadership: Creating a Sense of Belonging. Is recruiting for cultural fit the right thing?

– Preparing your Company for the Future: How should organisations attract tomorrow’s top talent?

– Keeping your employees committed beyond Day 1. Unpacking the opportunities and challenges HR professionals face in messaging and communications (Nucco Brain, 2019)

– What benchmarking your talent acquisition activities can do for your organisation (TALiNT Partners, 2019)

– Why diversity and inclusion matters (BCGs Network of Women, 2019)

– Resetting the people agenda for the Future of work (Rialto Consulting, 2019)



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