have you revised your people plan?

Your ability to adapt to change will help your business come out on top.


We know things are feeling a bit dicey out there, and you’re exploring different ways to ensure your company’s survival.

If you’ve taken our 30-HR diagnostic assessment, then you already have an inkling where you need to start, but we can offer you additional support.

We can help you make more informed choices about realigning your people to your business strategy and help you avoid the common mistakes many businesses make.  Such as:

  • Not prioritising employee alignment with a new strategy.
  • Managers and employees unable to cope with doing more with less.
  • Not paying close enough attention to how employees are feeling and performing.
  • Not reevaluating what job roles are needed.
  • Using natural wastage as a people strategy.
  • Relying on gut instinct to diagnose the root cause of performance issues; and
  • Relying on intuition to decide if a new hire is the right cultural fit for the team.


We can help you build a customised people plan that:

  1. Identifies the capabilities you need to deliver your new strategy 
  2. Design a robust method to hire the right talent and objectively assess their fit
  3. Builds resilient managers and employees so they can perform under pressure
  4. Reviews your job roles so you achieve more with fewer resources

No Mystic Meg or referrals to ‘spidey senses.’ 

We bring more science to the art of managing people and in doing so; we hope to change the perception of HR.

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