In company with the experts:  Strategic M&A Expert Kevin Uphill, Chairman of Avondale Corporate


The nuts and bolts of strategic M&A may sound simple.  Big company A wants to buy small(er) company B. But considerations need to be made and you need to be crystal clear about why you want to acquire another company and understand what’s involved.

Conversely, as HR tech business, you may be bought out by the big boys who see you have something of value.  So understanding how you can make sure you are an attractive business with a high ticket price is also crucial. 

Some topics covered include:

  • What is ‘super abundant capital’
  • The four corners of strategic M&A
  • Why spreadsheets don’t convey the full value of a business
  • Don’t overlook and people and the cultural equation

We hope you enjoy it and you can find out more about Avondale Corporate by visiting their website

About Kevin Uphill

Kevin is Avondale’s Founder and Chairman. A published author and widely sought-after public speaker, he is recognised internationally as a leading authority on mergers and acquisitions and business transformation strategy. Since establishing Avondale, Kevin has overseen the sale and purchase of more than 400 companies, drawing on his unique experience and skill set to help his clients maximise strategy in order to achieve outstanding outcomes for their businesses.

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