How Silicon Valley ruined work for everyone, everywhere

 The 9am to 9pm, six days a week culture has seeped into almost all working life. [Via Wired]

Why talk about it?  A few weeks ago, Business Insider published an article about the perils of blurring work and home life, using WeWork as their example.

This piece takes a similar vein but focuses on the 966 culture.  That is the 9am to 9pm, six days a week culture influenced heavily by the working practices of Silicon Valley.  Work-life balance has become work-life integration and gone are the days of just coming into the office, doing a day’s work and then going home.

Our fascination with what tech companies are doing from recruitment practices, workplace design, compensation and benefits policies means that we sometimes forget to take a step back and evaluate whether their practices should become our practices, particularly if we don’t work in tech.

It’s also worth thinking about the unintended consequences of building a super connected digital infrastructure that could encourage employees to feel like they always have to be ‘on and available’.  Along with the potential downsides of having a head office that’s open for longer than your local corner shop.

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