How COVID-19 is impacting hiring around the world

Countries around the world are in different stages of managing COVID-19, and we are beginning to gain an understanding of how economies are responding to the sudden disruption of the pandemic. [Via LinkedIn]

Why talk about it?  LinkedIn have their own labour market indicator – LinkedIn Hiring Rate (LHR) which measures the number of gross hires divided by LinkedIn membership for each country.  

LinkedIn’s Chief Economist, Karin Kimbrough, studies global economies to monitor and predict impact on hiring and clearly she is following the impact of COVID-19 closely.  The two most impacted countries to date are China and Italy and it’s not surprising to know that after compulsory quarantines were introduced, hiring numbers plummeted.

Kimbrough predicts that the US will see a similar trend, so we shouldn’t be surprised to witness the same trend here in the UK too.  

Whilst there’s not much to read here, just to manage your expectations, I’ve highlighted because if you work in resourcing or talent acquisition, LinkedIn’s labour market updates are a useful source of national and international data.

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