In company with the experts:  Ezechi Britton, Founding Partner of Impact X Capital Partners LLP and Founder of Code Untapped


14% of the UK population is BAME, but less than 4% has gone to BAME founders.

Why is this the case and what does it mean for diverse talent, securing VC funding and opportunities for under-represented groups?

These are exactly the topics covered in this 15-min interview with Ezechi Britton, along with:

  • How he started out as a developer, before becoming a tech founder through his first venture Neyber and then a venture capitalist
  • Why he supports under-represented technologists to find their voice and role in technology
  • Why he wants to use his platform and the work he does to highlight the exceptional talent which exists within under-represented groups
  • Why finding diverse talent is not just the role of recruitment
  • What stops other VCs accessing diverse talent (clue: it’s about the effort they spend looking for it)
  • The business benefits of accessing talent which has a global-wide view

We hope you enjoy it and you can find out more about Code Untapped by visiting their website and Impact X Capital Partners LLP by visiting their website

About Ezechi Britton

Ezechi is the Co-Founder and former CTO of multi-award-winning financial wellbeing provider Neyber, Co-Founder of Code Untapped the digital skills accelerator, and is currently a Principal and Founding Partner of Impact X Capital, a £100m VC fund dedicated to funding under-represented entrepreneurs.  Ezechi has also been named as the Venture Capitalist of the Year at The Inclusive Tech Alliance (ITA) Awards.


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