values are everything. 

And this is what we care about.


There are several ways we help clients, of all shapes and sizes, fulfil their growth ambitions.

– Provide quality resources either for free or at accessible price points.

– Facilitate warm introductions to people who can help them in ways we can’t.

– Act as their trusted HR business partner – whether that’s one or two days a month or bedding in and becoming part of the furniture to help them through a tricky period.

⚡ Why The Electric 5?


We refer to our brand standards as ‘The Electric 5’ because:

– they act as a useful filter to ensure we continue to do the right thing by each other and our clients. 

– It reminds us of the Electric Slide (think Cameo – Candy) 👨🏿‍🎤 

– And it worried our Managing Director that no one would remember any more than 5.

🤝 Build relationships, not secure a scale

We’re here to support for the long-term and that means there are no shortcuts in what we do.

Our definition of a solution is one that benefits everyone, today and tomorrow.

There are plenty of companies out there who are keen to make a quick buck.  They’ll do anything to secure a sale and will disengage as soon as the cheque has cleared.

That’s not us.

We help our CEOs/Founders make the right decisions that sustain their business for the future.  We’re not here to win arguments, we exist to find practical solutions that help them where they are with the resources they have at hand.

If they’re not ready for the solutions we provide, that’s okay too.  We will do our very best to offer practicable alternatives or connect them with someone who can better support their needs.

If we’ve done our job well, they’ll return.  And if not, we learn, move forward and stay positive. 

🙋🏽 proactively manage expectations

Or should we say, get in there first!

We’ve all done it. 

Promised to bring the goods and then failed to deliver, hoping that no one notices.

When we say we’ll do something, in the words of Nike, just do it. 

And if we can’t, for whatever reason, there’s no harm, no foul if we let our partners and clients know in advance.

There should be no surprises.  Let’s save that for Christmas and birthday presents.

😌 practice the kindness of 'brutal honesty'

We must pull together to deliver the best service we can for our clients.  And by doing that, stand by each other so we can build a successful future together.

Don’t make yourself great by making someone else feel small.

Equally, say what you mean so people can be honest with you in return.  

Imagine the time we’ll save by not having to pussyfoot around because we know there is zero intent to harm, embarrass or shame one another.

👨🏼‍🏫 Use plain English please, no jargon

It’s easy to get carried away with business and HR jargon.  Sometimes we confuse ourselves and forget what we were originally trying to say.  It happens, but it can be avoided.

Use plain English.

We don’t need to bedazzle (annoy) our clients by taking ten pages to say what we could sum up in two. 

Simplicity is key.

Get to the point.

And with our written communication, remember formatting and subheadings are our best friends.

📑 Ask for feedback, and act on it

No one is perfect.  Sometimes we have the greatest intent but things don’t work out the way we planned.

Feedback seems to be the gift that no one ever wants but I promise you, it’s something different here.

Let’s decide what we will do differently, hold each other accountable and support each other to make it happen.


Less art, more science

Oh, before I forget...

🙋🏽 Have you started working on how to ease your employees back to work once the lockdown is lifted? I’ll See You On Monday. Building A Plan To Bring Your Employees Back To Work. Safely. will save you time and money.  Don't start building your plan before checking it out first! And the same goes with strategic HR planning. If still in the mindset of wanting to do it yourself, check out the 10-step HR Strategic Planning For Non-HR Directors Guide.

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