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Very insightful and thought provoking, often challenging the status quo and making me think differently, always a good thing.


Head of People, Convergence Group

A well-rounded HR newsletter that covers business and tech news too. Not often I see the three together, yet it works. Gives a great perspective.


Chief Financial Officer, Alimco Spa

I read HR rewired articles with genuine interest. They are often coming from an alternative perspective, talking about topics no-one else is, yet everyone should be. And in this time-pressured world we live in, content that gives just enough is perfect.


Talent Management Consultant, MDM Talent Management

HR rewired is consistently on the pulse of current employee and business issues - and all from a pragmatic, straight talking, no-nonsense approach.


New Business Director, AIA Worldwide

It is an amazing newsletter. Even more useful and engaging than the workplace section of the Financial Times. And I’m not even in HR!


Public Policy Manager (Strategic Response), Facebook

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