We support organisations who are committed to creating equitableanti-racist and inclusive cultures.

Colleagues tapping into what they have in common with each other, their clients, customers or community is a perfect antidote to the assumption we are all wholly different. 

Discrimination, prejudice and intolerance run rampant when there is a lack of knowledge about equal human rights.

We believe everyone should be provided with equal opportunities to succeed regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, identity, social class or disability.

But we know that ‘race’ is one the most challenging aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion, so that’s where we start. 




To facilitate listening forums for under-represented colleagues.  It is a superb way to center and amplify their voices.

Prices start from £5,000 +VAT


To deliver in-house half day workshops which provide a strong foundation to inform, educate and inspire your colleagues. 

Prices start from £199.50 + VAT per delegate

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